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Activator, Channeler, Philosopher, Extreme Empath, Barefoot Nudist, Human as fuck,
Facilitator of your Personal Evolution
through the portal of body and business. 

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exchange:  $333 USD

Human Design READING

In these sacred sessions, I will be weaving my design given gifts to both read your chart and and use the information to guide your path into clarity, connecting the dots into every dimension of your life. I will support you in simplifying and synthesizing the information into transformative actionable steps and offer you ultra personalized guidance on how to embody the codes to live your most healthy, effortlessly successful, and soul aligned life.

This is not just a Human Design Reading — it is also a highly intuitive healing session all wrapped up into a likely life altering experience.

My mission through these readings is to impart permission slips that will empower you to align with the deepest truth of who you are, finally activating what you've likely known all along. We will decode your process of decision making and clarify every component necessary for you to live in ultimate alignment with the one-of-a kind human you are. 

"...validating you into easeful acceptance of how you were always meant to thrive - there was a plan all along" - Me (to you).

The Signature Reading

The Sovereign Business Session

Human Design offers us the blueprint of our very own energetic DNA and essentially a roadmap of how to operate in this life OUR unique WAY. The awareness of this knowledge is equal parts an instantaneous LIBERATION of misaligned conditioning, and an illumination of our path to ultimate ALIGNMENT *please know that you will not be the same after receiving this wisdom, you will be set free and centered into the truth of who you innately are.

is for those who are here to create the new paradigm of business — anyone who desires a soul-aligned intuitive way of working/expressing your true essence out into the world for divine compensation. 

We will go over things like: Refining your current structure, how and where to attract clients, how to be in flow with your creativity, tips and important boundaries to protect your unique energy, and set up sovereign structure so you can both honor your innate alignment and experience smooth coherence within your life's work. 

YOU WILL RECEIVE: a recording of our call and a 5-7 page blueprint with all of the information we went over (as well as tips we discussed throughout) to come back to whenever you desire a reminder of your truth

all sessions are held over zoom

exchange:  $333 USD

* Ideally for those who have already gained the fundamental wisdom from their Signature Session

In this session we will use your Human Design as a map, uncoding how to do business,

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