Self Mastery Mentor, 
Activator, Channeler, Philosopher, Extreme Empath, Barefoot Nudist, Human as fuck,
Facilitator of your Personal Evolution
through the portal of body and business. 

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I'm Emma

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Your midwife for birthing your GREATEST,
and most FULLY EXTRACTED life. 

:: Teacher, thought leader, inner work facilitator, 9hrs of sleep needer, and equal parts deep thinker and deeper feeler.


a healer for healers

I am here to offer the world an entirely new way of being. As a Self Mastery Mentor and Root-Cause Transformational Healer,
I work with revolutionary, empathic, here to SHIFT SHIT UP, womxn, helping build internal capacity (physically, emotionally, and mentally) so that they can do the work they are here to do while living in self sovereignty, ultimate alignment, pleasure, and deep soul fulfillment. 

My soul purpose is to facilitate your journey of self discovery and I do so by weaving the two deepest portals to self awareness --  BODY x BUSINESS. I specifically guide the womxn divinely placed on my personal soul contract to get out of their own way, shed misaligned programming, and become fluent in their inner wisdom using: holistic psychology,  therapeutic techniques  and trauma informed healing, nervous system recabiltration,  neuroscience, human design, sovereign business coaching, subconscious reprogramming,  ancient wisdom, and health optimization. 

"Wherever you are right now god circled on a map for you" 

Ultimately I am here to share my gifting... no different than you! But simply, it's my sacred intention to stand before you as an expander, a collection of all my struggles alchemized into mastery, along with my personal earthly experience and understanding thus far, and pass it all on for those who were divinely meant to witness it.
PROOF IN HUMAN FORM. I know that once you know yourself, you will awaken others to do the same and I delight in the ripple effect that takes place from me, to the women I work with, and then through their overflow, out into the entire collective consciousness.  



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side note

I’ve always had this incredibly complex relationship with language because of it’s innately limiting nature, and yet, at the same time, I love the attempt of articulation and creating well woven words.  I suppose because I am the way I am I NEEDED to note that many of the best things, and higher thinking, and all feelings, dwell beyond where words can reach despite the greatest attempts.  We do not have the words to describe what it is I do.  Please know all that you will read on here will be fragmented from my expression to fit your personal perception, like everything we read and see and speak. These are just words, there is a world between the  l i n e s. 


I AM SO GLAD YOUR JOURNEY has landed you PERFECTLY, right here,
Now.  Welcome. 

 I BELIEVE that knowing ourselves is the root of all knowing.

I BELIEVE you get to be YOU for a living 
but in order to do that you need to know who YOU are.  

I BELIEVE we must first make you feel SAFE so that you can feel FREE 

I BELIEVE that our relationship to our BODY is the  portal to our relationship to everything in our life and our BUSINESS is a sacred avenue for self development and the ultimate test(imate) to our self belief 

AND THAT YOU  don’t have to put yourself into a box to be wildly successful. 

I BELIEVE we have to be careful to not get too distracted creating our future that we never ARRIVE in our present. 

I BELIEVE there is nothing to fix and nothing to be found because nothing is lost,
 rather only needs reminding.

 I BELIEVE you have the answers 
but that you deserve someone,  who will walk besides you,
helping you to navigate your journey 














 I was born in nyc moved to a town out side of Chicago and then mostly grew up in Maine. Moving, (rather unproportionally,) had a SUBSTANTIAL impact on my early experience.

I secretly struggled with disordered eating. For years. Which felt excruciatingly opposite and hypocritical to who I'd always been. Like often through the journeying of our greatest struggles it became an area of mastery one of my greatest teachers. 

I have always had EXTREMELY low tolerance for the suffering of any creature, my dad diagnosed me with “compassion anxiety” when I was 6 and I can NOT stand the thought of  humans not fully extracting their precious life while here

I experienced a lot of death at a young age, as a kid I had panic attacks and would blackout in attempts to fathom mortality but my relationship with death became my portal of immense inner knowing is now my most sacred tool to fully LIVE.

I saved up and sold my photography to buy a one way ticket when I was 17 and backpacked around New Zealand by myself with absolutely zero plans *and a bag soley filled with books which I obviously had to put in storage immediately upon arrival due to the whole "travel light" thing* 

I am an education obsessed, conscious college drop out. I CRAVE learning exactly what I want to know which is why I never stop studying and have a copious amounts of certifications in the specific topics I feel called to study. However in that one year of college I DID do an "orientation" where I solo camped in the desert for 5 nights under just a tarp- naked (and fasted) and surprisingly not all that afraid

Journaling is my therapy. I have hundreds. I have NEVER re-read an old entry. EVER. ⁣

I'm known to completely make up words aka “Emmaisms” and always offer a plethora of obscure metaphors - a lot of which are based around childbirth.

I always read with a pen in hand. I LOVE prescribing books but could never share mine or the receiver would know WAY too much about what goes on in my mind.

I have codependency issues with the ocean.

I will forever be working on how to describe the wordless nature of what I do but :: I am here to facilitate a safe space for you to go where we won’t go on our own, so that you can heal & know yourself at your utmost depth, in order to LIBERATE you so can live out your soul's deepest desires in complete alignment and self sovereignty.

okay not a fun fact but a potent one 



lesser known details about me

My zones of Genius

Guiding you to find yours (Z.O.G) and then weaving together all parts of you

Offering  higher perspective 

born to help you with the following:

Operating as an Empath

Teaching you to become  fluent in your own body

Helping you find and curate
YOUR unique WAY of working
and living

Empowering you to know and use your own internal authority

Using my voice and written words as conduits FOR TRANSFORMATIVE remembrance
and activation OF YOUR TRUTH

Expanding your capacity

Rewiring your nervous system for sustained success

Business refinement and setting up sovereign systems and structure

Neuroscience and subconscious reprogramming 

Divine compensation, money, and wealth empowerment

Unpacking and safely processing trauma

Deconditioning you into ultimate alignment

Deep diving and provoking life-altering self awareness















"It’s hard to write the words for an experience that is so deeply life changing, that words can not describe it fully. I have felt 100% supported, heard, safe and expansive the whole time. What unfolded in my journey with Emma was so much deeper than my initial weight loss goals! I’ve up-levelled my entire LIFE. I’ve taken back my power, healed deep past trauma that was blocking me from rising, and I’ve discovered such a profound LOVE of my body and self that I know life from now on will be that much more beautiful.
My business and wealth has expanded. My body has healed and felt safe to receive. My soul has been awakened to my highest potential. My life has been enriched in a whole new way. I feel such a deep and potent love for myself that has rippled into
 ALL areas of my life".

jenna black

1:1 mentorship

"If you are thinking of working with Emma, here is my guidance: DO IT. Trust your soul saying YES, because this beautiful woman will change your life, your body, your soul and help you BECOME the best version of you.
Thank you Emma, I love you. You are a gift to this world."

"Emma helped me dig into corners of my mind that I had never visited whether that was because I didn’t know they existed or I didn’t want to acknowledge them. She helped me question my beliefs and acknowledge the beauty that I spent my life creating.

"If you are looking to break new grounds and achieve the body and mindstate you have always wanted, I highly recommend you work with Emma. The transformation I have experienced in the last 6 months with her has been life changing to say the least."


1:1 mentorship

"Working with Emma has been life changing- like that emoji with the top of the head blowing off!

"She has taught me mindful practices that I try to use daily which include meditation. Emma taught me that I have a good heart but like everyone who desires to be their best self, I needed to retrain my brain- I had the power to have less drama and more happiness in my life."


1:1 mentorship



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